Formosa Petrochemical Corporation Of  Fuel Oil


It is mainly used as fuel for boilers, heating furnaces, metallurgical furnaces and other industrial furnaces.


Air Pollutant Control composition Standard Discharge standard
Discharge standard

Fuel Oil


≦0.5 %

≦0.5 %
≦0.15 %
Heating ~ Value >9500 kcal
SULFUR OXIDES 1000 ppm 50 ppm -
  • *According to the second paragraph of Article 28 of the air pollution prevention and control law
  • *Standards for the proportion and composition of fuel type mixed combustion and emission standard of boiler air pollutants
Specification Table




Heating Value Min.

Improving method

Replace low sulfur oil products
Add air pollution prevention and control equipment
Replacement of the gas

It can be applied as insect repellent, fungicide, smokeless powder, cutting fluid, lubricant, synthetic resin, synthetic tannic acid, preservative, textile chemicals, foaming agent, scintillation detector and mildew inhibitor.
It can be applied for tires and other rubber products, as well as carbon black, soot feed oil, wood preservative oil, wash oil, etc.
TAR, also known as asphalt, it is a black semi-solid petroleum product with more carbon and less hydrogen, mainly used for roof and waterproof. It can be applied as wood preservative oil and applied on wood to prevent decay, such as railway sleepers and electric poles, etc.